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A key part of the Longwick Village Fete celebrations is the garlands.  For many years children have collected flowers and with the help of adults made them into crowns and sceptres. The tradition is that the garlands are topped with crown imperials and a white veil is placed at the back.  A small doll in a blue dress is placed inside the crowns.   The crowns and sceptres are paraded at the Village Fete and then taken to the village care home in the Old School House for the residents to view.  Whilst the garlands are paraded and viewed the children sing the May Day garland song:

Good morning ladies and gentlemen

We wish you a happy May

We come to show you our garlands

Because it is May Day

We only come here but once a year

So please remember our garlands.


The history of the garlands goes back many years. Children's author Alison Uttley, who lived in Longwick, dedicated her book "Little Grey Rabbit's May Day" in 1963 to the children of Longwick School and pictures show garlands topped with crown imperials.

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